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How Should You Choose Authentic Non-Woven Fabric Manufacturers?

Posted by Admin on October, 12, 2021

Non-woven fabrics are natural fabric materials that produce from the staple fibre. Lots of chemicals, mechanicals, and heat treatment are present in the non-woven fabrics manufacturing process.

Non-woven fabric is a common term in the textile manufacturing industry. Non-woven fabrics denote the fabrics which are not woven. Nowadays, non-woven fabrics have become a unique alternative to polyurethane foam.

Features of Non-woven Fabrics

The appearance of the non-woven fabrics looks like a paper material that has few similarities with woven fabrics.

Non-woven fabric may be soft, hard, stiff, broad, or portable. The size and format of the non-woven fabric depend on its application.

Non-woven fabric may be thin as tissue paper or maybe thick as a mattress.

Translucent and opaque are different forms of non-woven fabrics.

Non woven fabric has enormous durability in some applications; otherwise, they are very delicate.

Some non woven fabric has excellent launder ability for dry cleaning.

Application of Nonwoven Fabrics

Non woven fabric manufacturer in India offers unique application from non-woven fabrics.

Disposable non-woven fabric is valid for one-time use. But many reusable non-woven fabrics such as dust clothes are helpful several times.

Some general applications of non-woven fabrics are personal hygiene products such as sanitary napkins, surgical gowns, medical products, bandages, industrial masks, surgical drapes, and diapers.

Durable non-woven fabric has vast usefulness. One can use this non-woven fabric for blankets, mattress padding, towel, table clothes, reinforcement of other materials, and linings.

Non-woven fabric has many industrial usages such as packing materials, geo textile materials processing, and roofing products.

Types of Non-woven Fabrics

Spun lace non-woven is a unique form of non-woven fabric that uses polymer slices and short fibers for constructing the fabrics. It is a very thin material that is useful for a wet wipe and facial mask fabric preparation.

Pulp air-laid non-woven is a dustless or dry paper non-woven fabric. Pulp air-laid, non-woven fabric susses air-laid technology to make the fiber agglomerate on the net curtain

Wet-laid non-woven fabric is a unique non-woven fabric manufacturing process that opens the fibrous raw material into single fibers.

Spun-bond non-woven is another type of non-woven fabric that uses polymer to form a filament into thermal, mechanical, and chemical bonding.

Process of Choosing Non Woven Fabric Manufacturers

Non woven fabric manufacturer in India offers a wide range of fiber option for the various production processes. But you have to choose the fabric as per the following criteria.

The strength of the non-woven fabric and its fiber is essential. High-strength synthetic fibers can provide durable polyester blend fiber to enhance the density of the non-woven fabric.

Various fiber such as cotton, rayons, and polyester have different temperature resistance capacities. Chemical bonding is essential to enhance the temperature-resistant capacity of the non-woven fabric.

Many non-woven fabric mats shrink after a single wash. Thus it is essential to check the quality of the fabrics to maintain their shape.

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